Identifying those lost to disaster

Summer Wyatt-Buchan assesses Britain’s Disaster Victim Identification Unit and the delivery of essential humanitarian aid. Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) is a relatively new field and is vital to a constructive international response in the wake of devastation. Those on a DVI task force are responsible for identifying victims of mass casualty incidents, man-made or natural….

Marvel’s Black Panther and the scope of cinema to contest racial hierarchies

Hannah Lising-White uses Cultural Geography and Popular Geopolitics to research the experiences of UCL students with African and Caribbean heritage, to understand the role popular culture plays in socially constructing race. Popular culture has increasingly become a topic for geographical analysis since it is a powerful indicator of current societal norms. Since pop culture is…

Racism at UCL: Why denaming buildings is important but just the beginning

Hannah Lising- White analyses the renaming of the university’s buildings through the lens of Cultural Geography and speaks to students about their experiences of racism at UCL. UCL’s decision to rename buildings named after the founders of eugenics is acknowledged by most black students as an important symbolic gesture of the university’s commitment to anti-racism….