The current editorial team consists of third-year editor-in-chief Tomi Haffety as well as editors Johara Meyer, Amy Zhang, and social media editor Hollie Parry. We are from a mix of physical and human geography backgrounds and are keen to create an open and interdisciplinary space for students and academics alike.

An online edition of the Bloomsbury Geographer was first suggested by Dr. James Kneale, who currently acts as the staff support and oversight along with Nick Mann.

We are keen to hear from anyone in the department interested in contributing shorter (<500 words) or longer articles (<1,800 words), or other multimedia. We also seek staff recommendations for undergraduate coursework which is particularly interesting or high quality

Please get in touch via email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. Vinita Damodaran says:

    This is such a good thing to see happening. Best of luck to the new revitalized magazine. Looking forward to reading its exciting blogs again


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